Marketing Management

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Marketing Basics

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Hard

We also will spend a short time on the history of marketing and see how it has evolved from a process centered on simply getting as many people as possible to purchase a product to today’s highly complex efforts designed to build long term customer relationships.

Marketing Research

Length: 15 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

Note that in this tutorial we use the terms “marketing research” and “market research” interchangeably. Many feel there is a distinct difference, with “marketing research” covering a broader array of research efforts associated with marketing decisions while “market research” is specific to understanding nuances of a particular market. For the purpose of this tutorial we treat these as the same.

Customers & Markets

Length: 15 minutesAuthor: AdminComplexity: Standard

In general terms, a customer is a person or organization that a marketer believes will benefit from the goods and services offered by the marketer’s organization. As this definition suggests, a customer is not necessarily someone who is currently purchasing from the marketer. In fact, customers may fall into one of three customer groups.